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Standard Manilla

Standard Manilla

Plain Manilla 225 gms

The standard weight of card is 225 gsm which at 280 microns thick is more than suitable for most tag applications. Red, gold, emerald green, blue, cream, white, orange and pink are all available. The tags are made from master reels so gangs (groups of 2 or 4) can be manufactured. There are 10 standard sizes although we can manucature to any size you may require. Non-Standard Colours.

When you require a tag made in a brighter colour, on a thicker board or of an unusual size, we can use flat sheet pulp board. This means we have the largest selection of tags in the country, for your choice and convenience. Our stock material for this style of tag is Kaskad and more information on this range of board is available in both the download and under serial 5 in plain leaflets area of this website. As this material is supplied in sheets we can only supply this style of tags as singles. Printed Paper Tags.

The paper manilla and pulp board tags tend to be used in an industrial environment where simple print is required with stock control, examination and production. Although we can print these tags up to four coulours most customers have this category of tags printed one or two colours. For a more glossy tag visit the swing ticket section of this website.