6 Reasons why you need a Print Broker

What is a Print Broker? I suppose the clue is in the name, a Print Broker handles and sources all aspects of print requirements for a business.
But it’s much more than that, a specialist Print Broker such as me, is also responsible for helping their clients to produce high quality print as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. With over 30 years of experience in the print industry I have been acting as a dedicated print specialist for my diverse range of clients and equally diverse range of print needs.

Whether that’s stationery, business cards, invoices, brochures, point of sale materials or labels. From swing tags for tartan to labels for trees! You name it, I have recommended the best options, sourced the best printers and managed the whole process on behalf of my clients for many, many years.

It might seem that buying print has never been easier or faster, and in many ways that is true. However, buying print can also be a highly complex process with a multitude of choice and technical specifications to navigate, not to mention pitfalls along the way!

By acting as your own dedicated Print Broker, I can provide a fully managed print service from start to finish. I provide businesses with a single point of contact who can provide print specifications, seek quotations, supply artwork, check quality and handle all the intricacies of buying quality print on your behalf.

Here are the benefits of choosing to use me as your Print Broker.

Rob Oliver, print Broker


You may think that it is a better idea to go direct to the printer and that they can handle all your print needs under one roof. But the reality is that no one printer does everything, they all tend to specialise. It is very common for printers to outsource print requirements themselves.

I work with a huge range of specialist suppliers, including trade only suppliers, meaning that I can find the right print supplier for any given job. You are not then limited by the options and equipment of one printer and as well as that you also have access to the unique finishing and specifications that your print job might require. This is also a much more cost-effective approach than buying everything through one printer.


With my extensive industry knowledge and contacts, you will be assured of a top-quality print solution at a sensible price, coupled with exceptional service and a product which presents your business to customers in the best possible way. It is very easy to buy cheap print online and if that is the only consideration then we would argue that it might be wiser not to bother! If a jobs worth doing and all that.

I will work hard to find the best possible print solution and at a good price. My expertise means that you will save time, save money and the performance of the final product will generate a much better ROI for you. Consumers are becoming ever more discerning, and it is very important that you present your products and services in a way which matches the quality of what you offer and do.


You have the reassurance that your print requirements are in very good hands. As your trusted print partner, I will make sure that your print will be delivered on time and to the exact specifications that you require.

I will manage the process for you from start to finish, making sure that deadlines and proofing requirements are met and that you get the print that you need, when you need it.


Using approved design style and brand identity, we can put systems in place to ensure that standard everyday items such as business cards, invoices, statements, and letterheads can be quickly and easily produced. This means that everyday items can be produced with ease and speed and to the same consistent high-quality standard every time.

A common problem for many businesses when it comes to printed materials is a lack of control and accountability. Numerous people and departments have the authority to commission print and this leads to inconsistency in brand application and quality, waste and a reduction in shared purchasing power. My clients state that consistency is a huge benefit and that it offers much greater planning and control.


It goes without saying that accuracy and attention to detail is critical for every single print item. I take great care with pre-printing checks myself and will make sure that you and your team have the opportunity to check proofs prior to printing. This approach can save you money on expensive re-prints and ensure that the print is produced on the most appropriate stock, with the best quality finishing and that its performance and functionality have been tested and researched in advance too.


As outlined above, different printers specialise in printing different things. By working with me, I will save you a lot of time researching the best printer to produce your specialist labels or product catalogues. You know with confidence, that I will find the best supplier and that you will get a superb product every time.

Get in touch to discuss your print requirements

No matter what industry you are in and no matter what your print requirements might be, I hope that these benefits explain why you should consider using me to manage and handle your print requirements.

I have the knowledge and expertise to save you time and money and will work hard to produce the finest printed materials for you and your business. I look forward to having the opportunity to meet with you or chat to discuss your print requirements.

A service you can trust

With my extensive industry experience and contacts, as your print broker, I can guide you through the whole process and advise you on the type of paper and weight which will best suit the needs of each print item. Saving you time and money and ensuring that you promote your products and services in the best possible way, with first-class print and promotional materials every time.

Rob Oliver