Digital Printing

Digital printing has revolutionised the way in which physical material can be accessed and utilised to communicate. In its simplest form, digital printing is a low-cost, lower environmentally impacting alternative to lithographic printing when only small volumes are required. 


Lithographic printing is constantly evolving. With our Heidelberg presses we achieve the best quality results on press, and have the experience to deliver high quality and a quick turnaround service for our clients across all sectors.


We work with a wide range of paper materials to offer high quality duplex and triplex finishing. With duplexing we achieve different textures and colours on either side of your print.

Triplexing is often used to achieve a contrast coloured seam running through the centre of a card, and can be combined with die-cutting to create a multi-layered effect.

For this business card suite, we used three contrast coloured die-cut boards, to create a distinctive layered effect on each card. Triplexing brings three 175gsm Colorplan papers together to make a single 525gsm board.


Thermography or thermographic printing is a printing process that causes text or graphics to be slightly raised from the substrate. The resulting visual effect is interesting, making this a technique that is commonly used on wedding invitations, letterheads, business cards, greetings cards, gift wrap, diplomas and packaging. Since it is also a tactile effect thermography can be used to print braille text.

Thermography is a means of adding value to a design. We supply a nationwide market of agencies, studios, print brokers and fellow printers with quality thermography.


Embossing creates a raised image on paper or board and gives a stunning effect. With multilevel and sculptured dies, the results are perceptible by touch and quite spectacular.

De-bossing creates an indented look that can be used on thicker materials and book covers giving an appearance of a quality product.


Foil blocking adds quality to print. It also allows for a greater scope to enhance designs by adding bright or subtle finishes using foil or foil and embossing.

Foil is available in a huge range of colours and textures, including the more familiar golds and silvers.

Foils come in various finishes including matt, pearlescent and gloss.

Bespoke Projects

We like to think of ourselves as a print broker solution provider to our clients. Our bespoke work delivers an added special touch to your printing. We are experts in this field and we can advise on special binding techniques, die-cutting, choice of materials and finishes to best enhance the look of your printed product.

Same day despatch

We are not just about where ink meets paper. Each step in the production process, including logistics, transport, and shipping, is monitored for quality and price. Place your order by 10am and we’ll despatch your order the same working day on a wide range of items.

Just choose the next day service level when creating your order and we guarantee we’ll despatch your order the very same day.

We supply a range of thermal printers and transfer ribbons for all applications