The Label Guy!

Here at the Paper Chain, we provide a huge range of print options for an equally wide range of clients and business types. However, something that I am well known for is my specialism in sourcing high quality printed labels and stickers. Now you may automatically just think of printed

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Rob Oliver, The Paper Chain

Labels for langoustines or packaging for plaice

As a keen fisherman from the Scottish Borders, I love to get out for an afternoon on the River Tweed or one of its tributaries. Although I must declare that I am much more an enthusiastic amateur than an expert fisher! However away from the riverbank, and back to the

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Why the future is bright for print

With the unstoppable shift towards online and e-commerce, you could be mistaken for thinking that the demand for print is on the decline. On the contrary, whilst it is true that print requirements are radically changing, key trends mean that this is a time of considerable opportunity for the print

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Rob Oliver delivering for Scottish Borders Food Train

Scottish Borders Food Train

Something which I am very happy to shine a light on, is the work of this wonderful charity which supports older people in the community. I have been a volunteer with Scottish Borders Food Train for the past 3 years. Local volunteers provide weekly deliveries of fresh groceries to older

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Bespoke Print Solutions

As a Print Broker, we have the freedom to select the very best printers and finishers for each individual print job. This means that we can provide our clients with a fully bespoke print solution, not restricted by the limitations of a single printers equipment or capability. This bespoke approach

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Rob Oliver, print Broker

6 Reasons why you need a Print Broker

What is a Print Broker? I suppose the clue is in the name, a Print Broker handles and sources all aspects of print requirements for a business. But it’s much more than that, a specialist Print Broker such as me, is also responsible for helping their clients to produce high

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Weight of Paper

The weight of paper

Before you put ink to paper, there is a lot to consider. The paper, weight and finishing that you choose can and will have an enormous impact on the finished result of your printed brochure. Naturally, the first thing that you will think about with printed brochures and materials is

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