110mm x 300M Red Wax/Resin Inkanto (Armor) APR 558 Ribbon, Box Quantity 10


Inkanto Wax Resin RibbonsT64206IO APR 558

110mm x 300M Red Wax Resin ribbons. InkantoT64206IO, APR 558 ribbons on 25mm core (Industrial) for near edge printers. Box quantity of 10 thermal ribbons.

Enjoy complete peace of mind when using the WorldÕs leading wax/resin ribbons. Among all thermal transfer ribbon ranges, wax-resin ribbons are the most versatile in terms of usages as they respond to a very wide array of label printing needs in the logistics, production or distribution sectors. Typical use of wax/resin ribbons include signages and logos, frozen food packaging, laboratory, hot food packaging, tags,flexible packaging, outdoor products, automotive, medicine packaging, distribution label, fresh produce, bag of parts, bottle, pallet, shipping and tyre labelling.

Inkanto (Armor) wax/resin ribbons deliver excellent print quality on a range on material which include vellum, coated and glossy paper labels, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester synthetics labels, and flexible packaging films.

What are the advantages of Inkanto (Armor) wax-resin thermal transfer ribbons?

Multi-use: can be used for very broad label printing needs. Several applications with different requirements can be answered with one ribbon
Print durability: good resistance to scratch, smear, scuffing or rubbing.
Very good printing quality: The heat sensitivity of the ink provides a great sharpness and print precision
High speed capability: both on label materials (12 ips) and flexible packaging films (32 ips)
Excellent receptor multi-compatibility: paper labels, synthetic labels, flexible packaging
Very good blackness: the high density of the ink (up to 2.2 ODR) provides a very clear readability and barcode scanning

Each box contains a free cleaning wipe for your print head, to help maximize the print performance of your print-head and reduce the risks of poor print results
Guaranteed for life

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Product code – T64206IO

Additional information – Material Wax Resin

Weight 3.56

Internal Core Diameter (MM) 25 (Industrial)

Ribbon Length (m) 300

Ribbon Width (mm) 110

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