115mm x 300M Black Resin Inkanto (Armor) AXR TX Ribbon, Box Quantity 10


Inkanto Resin RibbonsT71446IO AXR TX

115mm x 300M Black Resin ribbons. InkantoT71446IO, AXR TX ribbons on 25mm core (Industrial) for flat head and near edge printers. Box quantity of 10 thermal ribbons.

AXR TX Thermal Transfer ribbon has been specially designed by Inkanto (Armor) to offer optimum print durability in line with the highly specific demands of textile product life cycles. The Inkanto (Armor) ribbon specially designed for printing textile product labels.

AXR TX is one of the safest ribbon in the world in terms of human-ecological requirements. The components of the AXR TX are non-toxic and eco-friendly. The ribbon complies with the following standards: Oeko-Tex, 1935/2004 Food Contact Europe, Halogen Free, REACH / SVHC Free and RoHS Heavy Metals.

Main Benefits Of Using Inkanto (Armor) AXR TX Resin Ribbons

The Inkanto (Armor) ribbon specially designed for printing textile product labels
Guarantees legible and durable printing
Resistant to industrial and domestic cleaning processes
Printed information using the AXR TX remains perfectly legible despite repeated aggressions from industrial and domestic cleaning processes
In addition to internal testing carried out by Inkanto (Armor), the resistance levels of AXR TX have also been assessed against the following standards: Colour fastness in water: ISO 105-E01, Domestic washing and drying:ISO 6330/A1 and Dry cleaning:ISO 105-D01
AXR TX produces high quality prints for both logos and barcodes
The print blackness and sharpness perfectly meet all requirements related to product identification and traceability
AXR TX is a very versatile ribbon: a single product for printing on any type of label material used in the textile industry
Compatible with RFID labels
Each box contains a free cleaning wipe for your print head, to help maximize the print performance of your print-head and reduce the risks of poor print results
Guaranteed for life

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Product code – T71446IO

Additional information – Material Resin

Weight 3.18

Internal Core Diameter (MM) 25 (Industrial)

Ribbon Length (m) 300

Ribbon Width (mm) 115

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