130mm x 300M Black Wax/Resin Inkanto (Armor) APR 6 Ribbon, Box Quantity 10


Inkanto Wax Resin RibbonsT43084IO APR 6

130mm x 300M Black Wax Resin ribbons. InkantoT43084IO, APR 6 ribbons on 25mm core (Industrial) for near edge printers. Box quantity of 10 thermal ribbons.

InkantoÕs(Armor) versatile ribbon has been conceived to print all kinds of self-adhesive labels at the lowest heat settings. It also provides a higher level of mechanical resistance compared to the wax ribbons. If you would like to try before you buy, please contact us to order a free ribbon sample pack.

The thermal ribbons performance provides a perfectly adapted answer to a large majority of applications. Main uses include crate labelling, signage and logos, laboratory, tags, bag of parts/products, distribution labels and storage labels.

Product Certifications include IP35/2004 Food Contract Europe, FDA Food Contact USA, RoHs Heavy Metals, Halogen Free, REACH SVHC Free, CP65 California Proposition 65 and UL Print Durability.

Main Benefits Of Using Inkanto(Armor) APR 6 Ribbons

Ribbons made to the highest quality and environmental standards
Ribbon performances tested on all types of Thermal Transfer printers
Guaranteed for life against any manufacturer
Each box contains a free cleaning wipe for your print head, to help maximize the print performance of your print-head and reduce the risks of poor print results
Good print quality with all types of label material.
A versatile, multi-use ribbon.
Offers high print quality for small characters and barcodes.
Excellent receptor multi-compatibility and sensitivity
High speed printing capability

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For more information on Inkanto(Armor) wax-resin ribbons, please contact our friendly sales team.

Product code – T43084IO

Additional information – Material Wax Resin

Weight 4.45

Internal Core Diameter (MM) 25 (Industrial)

Ribbon Length (m) 300

Ribbon Width (mm) 130

Specification Sheet