220mm x 600M Black Resin Inkanto (Armor) AXR 600 Ribbon, Box Quantity 5


Inkanto Resin RibbonsT48850EZ AXR 600

220mm x 600M Black Resin ribbons. InkantoT48850EZ, AXR 600 ribbons on 25mm core (Industrial) for flat head printers. Box quantity of 5 thermal ribbons.

Enjoy complete peace of mind when using the WorldÕs leading resin ribbons. AXR 600 is the standard resin ribbon of the inkanto range for Corner Edge and Near Edge printers. It has become a reference for its sharpness. It is also unequalled as regards to its high level of mechanical resistance and its ability to print at high speed.

The AXR 600 ribbons deliver excellent print quality on a range of label materials. This includes rough vellum papers, coated papers/ tags (matt or gloss), synthetics (plastic), textiles and packaging films.

Flexible packaging, frozen food packaging, hot food packaging, signage and logos, labelling within laboratories, rating plates, medical device labelling, labels on mechanical parts and electrical components, labels on bags of parts or products, blood bag labels, plant marking, chemical labelling, printed circuit boards and tyre labelling.

Product Certifications include IP35/2004 Food Contract Europe, FDA Food Contact USA, RoHs Heavy Metals, Halogens, REACH SVHC Free and CP65 California Proposition 65, Marine Shipping BS5609 and Print Durability (UL).

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Main Benefits Of Using Inkanto (Armor) AXR 600 Resin Ribbons

Excellent resistance to smudge and scratch
Excellent printing quality, sensitivity and receptor multi-compatibility
Good resistance to high temperature
Equally able to print on both labels and flexible packaging
Concentrated performance in terms of writing quality and print durability
Compatible with the high throughputs of many industries
Each box contains a free cleaning wipe for your print head, to help maximize the print performance of your print-head and reduce the risks of poor print results
Guaranteed for life

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Product code – T48850EZ

Additional information – Material Resin

Weight 6.23

Internal Core Diameter (MM) 25 (Industrial)

Ribbon Length (m) 600

Ribbon Width (mm) 220

Specification Sheet