60mm x 300M White Resin Inkanto (Armor) AXR 600W Ribbon, Box Quantity 10


Inkanto Resin RibbonsT64171IO AXR 600W

60mm x 300M White Resin ribbons. InkantoT64171IO, AXR 600W ribbons on 25mm core (Industrial) for near edge printers. Box quantity of 10 thermal ribbons.

Enjoy complete peace of mind when using the WorldÕs leading resin thermal ribbons. Inkanto (Armor) resin ribbons are designed for the most demanding applications in need of resistances to mechanical stresses, high or low temperature environments, or even solvents.
Best printing receptors for Resin ribbons are glossy coated paper labels, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester synthetics labels, polyimide, acrylate, textile labels and flexible packaging films.

Typical use of resin ribbons include; laboratories, signage and logos, rating plate, medical device, industrial labels, electrical component, bag of parts/products, blood bag, plant marking, chemicals, printed circuit board, care labels, tyres, frozen food packaging, hot food packaging and flexible packaging.

What are the advantages of Inkanto (Armor) resin thermal transfer ribbons?

High print durability even in very harsh environment:
Excellent resistance to solvents and to high temperature
Excellent resistance to smudge and scratch
Good resistance to high temperature
Excellent printing quality thanks to a high sharpness capability

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Product code – T64171IO

Additional information – Material Resin

Weight 2.05

Internal Core Diameter (MM) 25 (Industrial)

Ribbon Length (m) 300

Ribbon Width (mm) 60

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