Modular design, so you can upgrade to the next model with ease and cost effectively should your requirements change

Very small footprint for easy integration onto any production line

Can be equipped with various printing and marking devices for print and apply if required

Connects to the web for remote control of your applicator or alerts when away from your production line should your production line stop, critically to minimise any downtime

Touch screen interface thats incredibly straight-forward and quick to use

Range Monitoring, to calculate in real-time (in pieces and residual time) with visualisation of and alerts as this draws near to minimise any downtime

Video training, accessible on the touch screen display at all times to help operators with the operation and troubleshooting of the machine

Free access to Arca overview software for 12 months with the option to subscribe monthly thereafter. This allows you to monitor your arca applicator/s from one or more PCs on your company network, upgrade their firmware remotely, provides predictive diagnostics and remote access, web access, statistics on their performance and much much more.