BX780084AG6E – Toshiba AG6E 84mm x 800M Wax Resin Ribbons (Near Edge)


Toshiba TEC AG6E Wax Resin Ribbons -BX780084AG6E (84mm x 800M)

BX780084AG6E – Toshiba Tec AG6E wax resin ribbons for B-EX4 T1 / B-EX6 T1 and B-SX4/5industrial barcode label printers. 84mm x 800M near edge ribbons, box quantity of 5 thermal ribbons per carton. Smearless wax resin quality – Meeting EU Directives for direct food contact.

To get the most out of your Toshiba printer, we highly recommend using approved Toshiba ribbons. By using non-approved ribbons, you are at risk of reduced print quality along with damaging your print head and working parts.

By using genuine Toshiba TEC ribbons, you will be ensured with excellent print qualityand performance for text, images, barcodes and labels at all times. In addition, Toshiba ribbons have been engineered for consistent print quality for a wide range of materials including un-coated papers to gloss/ matt synthetics which offer exceptional levels of smudge and scratch resistance.

AG6E wax resin ribbons have been designed to compliment the new generation of flathead printers. An extremely versatile wax resin ribbon in which offers excellent print performance for labels and barcodes.

Due to its high sensitivity, the ribbons are able to run at lower temperatures while at higher speeds and with thanks to its excellent back coating, AG6E ribbons offers outstanding printhead protection.

Improved black offering crisp, black prints
Perfect for high-speed label and barcode printing

Thermal Ribbons Available In Four Different Grades

Toshiba ribbons are available in four different grades: wax, wax resin, resin enhanced wax and resin to suit your labelling requirement.

Wax Ribbons

Available to print onto a wide range of paper label stocks from un-coated to gloss and matt synthetics with varying low levels of smudge resistance.

Wax Resin Ribbons

A high-performance grade wax resin ribbon Available to print onto most label stocks from un-coated papers to gloss / matt synthetics. Offering good but varying levels of smudge and scratch resistance. Ideal for general use where heavy or rough handling is expected.

Resin Enhanced Wax

Has excellent smudge resistance and is suitable for most paper and synthetic materials.

Resin Ribbons

A super durable resin ribbon offering excellent resistance. Ideal for industrial environments and extreme conditions, weather, heat, chemical exposure, and solvents. Available to print on most synthetic materials and gloss papers with good levels of smudge, mechanical and solvent resistance.

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Product code – BX780084AG6E

Additional information – Material Wax resin

Ribbon Length (m) 800

Ribbon Width (mm) 84